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The Nerdy Nutritionist

I'm Caitlin Higgins, a functional nutritionist optimizing people’s health through food and lifestyle changes.

In today’s society, it’s challenging to know what we should or should not be eating, what foods are “good” or “bad”. I’m here to help you filter through all of the health claims you’re constantly bombarded with to find an individualized diet and lifestyle plan just for you.

Whether you simply want to eat well to prevent disease & increase longevity, you keep hitting a wall with your current diet patterns, or you’re already experiencing symptoms, I am here to partner with you to ensure you achieve your health goals and feel your best!

About Me

Navigating through my own personal health journey for the past 8 years has made me a true believer in the wisdom and healing power of foods. My passion to cook, learn, teach, and help others led me to pursue a master’s degree in integrative clinical nutrition counseling and education. With integrative and functional nutrition training from Maryland University of Integrative Health, I use a holistic approach to wellness. My goal is to help you find balance and healing by identifying the root cause of your health concerns in order to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit.

Functional nutrition “emphasizes healthful eating personalized to your genetics, lifestyle, environment and health concerns” and uses food to maximize health while minimizing disease through identifying the underlying causes of dysfunction. I find that many of our modern chronic diseases start in the gut, so we will assess core imbalances as part of our initial intervention to ensure the gastrointestinal tract is functioning properly.

However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to diet and health, and as a functional nutritionist, I strive to incorporate the right combination of foods, stress-reduction & mindful eating techniques, and lifestyle changes that work for YOU!

First, we will identify if there are medical concerns that need to be addressed by a medical doctor, and then assess diet, lifestyle, and any core clinical imbalances to determine the root cause, be it food sensitivities, intestinal bacteria imbalances, stress, sleep hygiene, nutrient deficiencies, macronutrient imbalance, undiagnosed medical conditions, or some combination. If you’re ready to pinpoint and manage the underlying causes of your symptoms, request a nutrition consultation today.

Concerns addressed include:
Hormonal ImbalancesWomen's Health (infertility, perimenopause, menopause, etc.)Nutrition for PreconceptionPregnancy and PostpartumChronic IllnessAutoimmune DiseaseAnxiety/DepressionFood Sensitivities / IntolerancesHigh CholesterolDiabetesPre-diabetesGestational DiabetesIBS, GI discomfortLow EnergyFatigueBrain FogAllergiesDermatitis / Eczema / Acne / Rosacea / Skin Discomfort

Nutrition Services

Current Services (McDonough, Stockbridge, Griffin, Atlanta, GA)

Nutrition Consultation Packages:

3 month (6 sessions) "Take Back Your Health" Nutrition Package: $1,197This package includes one 60-minute initial consultation and five 30-60 minute follow up consultations. For locals, I can come to you, or we will meet virtually via Skype or Facetime. You will receive a plethora of tools to help you reach your goals!

6 month (12 sessions) "Take Back Your Health" Nutrition Package: $2,197This package includes one 60-minute initial consultation and eleven 30-60 minute follow up consultations. For locals, I can come to you, or we will meet virtually via Skype or Facetime. You will receive a plethora of tools to help you reach your goals!

*Optional: payment plan available

60-90 minute Initial Consultation: $31930-60 minute follow-up: $197
Need more help? Ask me about personalized meal plans, pantry & fridge detoxing, cooking classes, and more.

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Do you feel unwell, not your self, or "off", but not sure what's going on? Do you lack energy? Do you have extra weight that has been difficult to lose? Are you experiencing low libido, low energy, sugar cravings, bloating, mood fluctuations, or other digestive discomforts? Have you been trying to conceive for 12 months or more with no luck?

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"I have been working with Caitlin Higgins since May of 2018 and with her knowledge and support, I have improved my eating and health habits and have lost nearly 20 pounds! She looked at what I was eating and designed a nutrition program that emphasized a balance of healthy carbs, protein and fat. This program has proved to be filling AND sustainable. We met monthly and she provided encouragement, support and suggestions to help me deal with challenges I faced during this journey. She consistently emphasized the importance of caring for myself through healthy eating and exercise but also took a holistic approach to self-care. She asked about all aspects of my life and we brainstormed solutions to issues that I faced. After our meetings I received summaries of our discussion that included links to recipes and other helpful websites. Her emphasis was positive and encouraging, even when I had setbacks. She helped me develop plans for healthy living during the holidays and helped me be accountable to myself. Seeing my goals reflecting in writing was a boost and I would often go and look at those when I needed extra encouragement. Her passion for health and her clients came through in every way. I am very grateful to have met and know Caitlin and would highly recommend her."
-Laura D., age 60

"I met Caitlin Higgins several months while she was an intern at Fairhaven. Caitlin impressed me immediately with her warm and caring personality along with her incredible knowledge of nutrition and how it affects the human body, During this time, she suggested a special diet to suit my needs and supplements which made me feel much better. And as an added bonus, I have lost 15 pounds. She also sent me recipes and told me where to buy the ingredients. She even offered to meet me at the market to help me select the right foods. Anyone who is seeking someone to help reach their nutrition and health goals should work with Caitlin."
- Kathy W., age 75

"The time that I spent with Caitlin was very productive, and by following her advice I was able to meet my goal of losing 10 pounds before going on a cruise in one month! Her ideas also helped me to make wise choices during my seven day trip. I returned only two pounds heavier than when I left and never missed a meal on the trip. Her suggestions were enlightening and very clear. She also supplied printed information so that I had reminders when needed; she is a great teacher."
- Charles S., age 80

"Caitlin was the first nutritionist I had ever had the opportunity to work with. She was very warm, kind and a non-intrusive person. She exhibited a very comprehensive background in nutrition was very knowledgeable about various products and made recommendations for adding them to my supplemental routines. Many of those recommendations I continue to incorporate into my daily nutritional schedule. She also went with me to the grocery store to show me how to find healthier choices and read ingredient labels. She even went to the store once for me on her own, shared recipes and cooked meals for me in my own kitchen. I could heartily recommend Caitlin without reservation to serve anyone as a trained professional nutritionist to meet individual nutritional needs."
- Calvin F., age 75

"Caitlin Higgins showed that she has a knowledge and care for the study of nutrition and that she is passionate and shows an understanding for peoples struggles in day to day eating and physical activities. During my time with Caitlin, she showed me different foods I could eat to help me balance my diet and ingredients to substitute as a healthier option (the brown rice pasta was my favorite). In my time with Caitlin I lost 35 pounds and gained a lot more energy in my daily life -- giving me the ability to do more activities like hiking every Saturday to train for my 32-mile hike in May. Caitlin gave me the confidence I need in order to lose more weight and reach my goals - I have become a happier person since working with her."
- Mark T., age 25

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